Friday, May 21, 2010

Miss/Mrs. New England Ethnic World Pageant

On Saturday, April 3, I was a judge at the Miss/Mrs. New England Ethnic World Pageant. This pageant it designed to change the face of pageantry, and boy did it do that. The women that competed in both divisions were amazing. We first met them during a panel interview, and the stories of their lives made you stop and appreciate life. It was incredible to hear what has made them the women they are today through hard work and determination. The most important aspect of this interview was to get a look into what they planned on doing with their new titles within their community should they be crowned, and each had amazing ideas of giving back and being strong role models to their communities and to the youth of today and tomorrow. Their was a sportswear competition where they chose an outfit to represent their personality, an evening gown competition, and the cultural expression competion which was the most incredible part of the evening. These are very strong ladies who I am honored to have had a part of choosing to be representitives of our region in the upcoming Ethnic World Pageant! Congratulations to Lovern Augustine, Mrs. New England Ethnic World and Shalon Chester, Miss New England Ethnic World!

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