Friday, April 9, 2010

MA & NH America's National Teenager 2010

I was honored to be a judge at the Massachusetts and New Hampshire America's National Teenager Pageant for 2010 on March 14. Not only did I have the opportunity to work with some amazing judges, but I met the most incredible group of girls. We were so impressed during the interview process at how these girls can incorporate school, sports, activities, life, and community service into their lives and balance it all out. The impressive part of this pageant system is that the girls must have a strong scholastic background with proof of GPA as well as a strong committment to community service. Instead of having a fitness or swimsuit competition, these girls had to decorate a pair of jeans to speak to their personality. These jeans were so creative that you could not wait to see the next girl come out and see what her design of choice was. Massachusetts and New Hampshire will be represented very well at this year's America's National Teenager Pageant! I can't wait to see how our girls do! Good luck to them all and may each have the most incredible year!

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