Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chelmsford Country Fair

I am so incredibly proud to be living in the Town of Chelmsford, Massachusetts. This weekend the town put together a country fair that got so many different parts of our town involved. There were booths all around the Chelmsford Common ranging from school organizations such as the music department, swim & dive team, class of 2012 to name a few. Also represented were booths for the Chelmsford Mother's Club, Chelmsford Republican and Democratic Committees, Bella's Friends, Chelmsford Recycle Program, and so many more. The Chelmsford Rotary Club had a mini choo choo traing ride around the common for children and their families. There was a lot of musical and dance entertainment. I loved being a part of my friend Maureen's booth which was doing a Rubber Duckie Adoption and raffles with all proceeds being donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Foundation. What is so special to me about events like this is when there are suvivors who open up to me after I speak to them about my platform of Breast Cancer Awareness and the Importance of Early Detection, and hear their stories. So many credit a mammogram for saving their lives which is a part of my message everywhere I go. There was one woman who stopped by and bought a few raffle tickets and she is a two-time Breast Cancer Survivor. I thanked her for sharing her story with me and let her know that she is the hope for those that are newly diagnosed with this disease. There was also a gentleman who came by and bought several raffles and told us that his wife passed away from this disease and thanked us for what we are doing. The more I do this, I realize that everyone has a story and is in some way affected, and it makes me even stronger to further pursue spreading my mother's story and advocating the importance of awareness, detection, prevention, and celebration of life. I want to congratulate Maureen and her mom Sally on a job well done and they raised about $350 by weekend's end. I had such a great time, was happy to see my husband and daughter stop by and enjoy the festivities and to see all the children and their families that came.

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