Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mrs. International - Day 1

The morning started off very early with my dad picking me up at 4:00a.m. to catch a flight at 6:50a.m. from Boston to Chicago. The travel was so easy, and I was so excited to finally meet Mrs. Michigan, Toni Joerres, who was picking me up at the airport. After all the months of connecting on Facebook, my fellow New Englander and I were able to catch up in person. As soon as we walked into the Doubletree Hotel in Skokie, there was Mrs. Tennessee, Cydney Miller, who let out the biggerst squeel and ran over and gave me the largest hug. She's another beautiful lady who is doing her part to support cancer awareness, outreach, research, and making a differenct for those afflicted. As I spent time in the lobby, I met so many more ladies who I have gotten to know over Facebook since winning my crown in October. The hugs came naturally as it was more of a reunion rather then a first time meeting. I finally got into my room around 1:00p.m. and was able to rest after a long week of final preparations and travel. At 6:00p.m., we all met in the Monaco Ballroom for our Orientation. Once again, it was all hugs and hellos. After being introduced to the staff of Mrs. International, we were able to introduce ourselves and share the funniest part of our reigns to date. I of course shared the time that I brought my daughter to a fashion show at a Senior Center, and after not wanting to be put down all afternoon, she got down and started walking around and waving to all the residents. What made this story really funny is that she was such a hit, that a few of the residents wanted to buy her from me, or gave me the homework assignment of going home and creating another one exactly like her. It makes me chuckle to think of it again and about the wonderful experience to see my little girl put such a big smile on people's faces and brighten their days. We got so much information about what to expect from our week and the best advice of making this experience all that we can from all the speakers. When I got to my room, I finally got to spend time with my roommate, Mrs. North Carolina, Cynthia Griner. She is lovely, and I look forward to sharing my time with her. We have a week full of activities ahead and a lot of rehearsals, but one thing is for sure, the Class of 2010 will produce one of the most amazing Mrs. Internationals ever! I am very much looking forward to sharing this experience with all these ladies. I feel like I have friends for life in many, and although we may not live close to one another, there's a thing called vacation and getting together. I love to travel, so I have so many wonderful states to visit now!

Have a great day, and I'll update you with pictures and posts whenever I can. To follow the Mrs. International pageant in real time, please visit their blog at This site will be updated live the night of finals, so if you check it out, you will know the results much faster then any of us can get them to you via our calls or text messages!

Ok, its off to tour Chicago now!

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