Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LGH TeamWalk Registration Day

On Saturday, May 15, I was able to meet walkers who were registering for the LGH TeamWalk to take place the very next day. It was amazing to meet more people who have been treated at the LGH Cancer Center and to hear their stories and see that they are now taking part in this amazing walk. There was one woman who heard about the walk, and presented us an envelope with a donation in her name as she is not able to walk, but wanted to make a contribution. It was so exciting to meet children that would be taking part in this walk as well with the families, it really does start in the home and becomes a wonderful thing when the young get involved in events like this. I was also take upstairs to meet the team that was busily counting up the donations received as they were coming in minute by minute. I got to get my team shirt from Kevin Campbell who is the organizer of Team JoMama, in memory of his late wife who has a similar story to my mom's. Kevin's team at this point was one of the highest fundraisers, which is so exciting to be part of for me and seeing him go out and work so hard and passionately for TeamWalk. Its going to be a great day with lots of walkers, beautiful weather, and fun festivities. I can't wait to speak at the opening ceremony and the lead the walkers as their Honorary Chairperson for TeamWalk 2010!

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