Monday, June 14, 2010

Remember Beads

I came across a booth at the Channel 7 Health and Fitness Expo that touched my heart and promotes Breast Cancer Awareness and Early Detection. As I was heading to the NECCS booth which I was going to be a part of for the afternoon, a woman came to me and asked if she could talk with Mrs. Massachusetts for a moment, which I agreed to as I saw the booth name from afar and was going to stop to take a look at anyway. She started off by telling me that their products are designed to promote Breast Cancer Awareness and immediately I stopped the woman and told her that my platform as Mrs. Massachusetts is Breast Cancer and the Importance of Early Detection. We automatically had a bond and connection. This woman is Marth Hayward who came up with this idea after she herself went through breast cancer treatments. You see, Remember Beads promote the awareness to a woman to know what she is looking for when doing self breast examinations which are a must by all women to detect breast cancer at an early stage. The size of each bead represents the different stages a tumor in the breast. What better way to open up conversation and bring awarness then having something that people will ask questions about. The products include lanyards, doorknob hangers, keychains, and necklaces. Another part of the conversation I enjoyed with Marth is that the way that many times they get these products made are by getting together for a party, enjoying conversation and with appetizers and drinks, and making these products. We all have had parties to promote comanies to sell products, but what about making products that actually bring meaning to awareness of a disease that takes too many women away from us each day because they are not aware of how to detect tumors in their breast or what to look for. I am very passionate to learn more about this company, and to have a party of my own with friends to promote my platform and belief in this cause! Please visit the website at I thank Martha for her generosity with some beautiful pieces which I am so excited to share with friends and at Mrs. International

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