Sunday, June 20, 2010

Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition - Against the Tide

On Saturday, June 19, I attended the event held by the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition called Against the Tide. This event included a 1 mile competitive or recreational swim, a 2 mile kayak, a 3 mile walk, and a 5K FUN run. I had the opportunity to speak right before the recreational swim and to do the countdown for the swimmers to start. This was very special to me as I was a competitive swimmer in high school, and it definitely gave me the urge to jump in that water. It was amazing to see how many people turned up for this event.

What makes the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition special is that it is very unlike many of the breast cancer foundations we are familiar with, this organization focuses on prevention with our environment and our diet. I think that this is so important to educate people about prevention, because although we hope for a cure someday, we have to live in the present and work to prevent breast cancer now. Please visit their website to learn more on how you can learn to prevent and about this amazing organization at

I want to thank the many sponsors who were at this event with the wonderful food products to feed the participants and to educate about healthy eating. Whole Foods, Cabot Cheese, Eddy's, and Paino Organics to name a few. A very special thank you to Cheryl Osimo, Director of Special Events and Communications for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful event and teaching me about PREVENTION and helping me add it to my platform of Breast Cancer Awareness and the Importance of Early Detection. I'm so proud that there is an organization based in my state of Massachusetts that is working so hard to get the message about breast cancer prevention out to the public.

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