Friday, June 18, 2010

Merrimack Valley Mom Blog

Earlier this month, I on a whim decided to enter a contest that I went back and forth on about participating in. I thought to myself that entering the Merrimack Valley Mom Blog Contest would allow me to share my experiences as a wife, mother, career woman, and someone who gives to her community. The reason I chose to enter was because I feel that holding the title of Mrs. Massachusetts International 2010 has given me a voice to advocate about Breast Cancer Awareness and the Importance of Early Detection and sharing my mother's story of losing her battle to this disease. Little did I know that being chosen as Mrs. Massachusetts, I would have opportunities of a lifetime come my way. I have learned so much, have become part of organizations that I never knew existed, and have been able to share it all with my family. As I go along this journey, I learn to be a better mom and hope to one day have my daughter look up to me with all the positive things I have done and to follow in my footsteps. When I say that, it doesn't mean that she has to be involved in pageants, but I hope that she will be someone who gives back to the community and to those that are less fortunate. I hope that she finds a cause that is dear to her heart and is able to make a difference. Above all, I want to see her be a happy little girl, grow into a beautiful young woman, and eventually have all her dreams come true, whaterever she chooses to do in her life.

Social networking such as Facebook and blogs have allowed me to share with people all that I have done with the Mrs. Massachusetts title, and I realize that there will be so much information to give and to absorb communicating about issues that moms experience each day.

I can't wait to start, and will keep you posted on all the new developments and posts that I am part of with this new endeavour.

I want to thank the people who were tasked to choose the winners of this contest, and I want to congratulate all the ladies that entered. You should be proud that you were confident with who you are as a woman and mom to enter into this wonderful opportunity. You all have so much to offer based on what I have read with all your entries, and I hope that our paths cross and that we continue to inspire one another with our experiences and our stories. This is an opportunity for me to share, but to also learn from you, and I am so very greatful for having been chosen.

To see more details of this contest and the other winners, please visit:

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