Monday, June 14, 2010

The Rotary Club of Chelmsford

Today I had the opportunity to speak to the Rotary Club of Chelmsford. I introduced myself, spoke about my platform as Mrs. Massachusetts International, talked about the community service and involvement I have had, and my plans for the future. This appearance was very special as my husband was able to attend and hear me speak about our life and this year that we have shared together as a family. Once again, I was amazed at the support and thanks I received after speaking and how many people came and told me that they themselves were cancer survivors and appreciate what I am doing with my platform and the organizations I work with. I was also asked to become a part of this organization after I return from the Mrs. International Pageant, as they saw a perfect fit with my community involvement and the values of the Chelmsford Rotary Club. I am once again so honored, and I thank the Mrs. International Program for giving me this opportunity and helping me to become the person I am today because of the opportunities that have come my way by holding this prestigious title. Having this title has allowed me the chance to have a voice and make a difference.

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